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Suzanne Crouch Wins Sixth District Gubernatorial Straw Poll

Crouch’s victorious showing reinforces the substantial grassroots strength and strong messaging of her historic campaign.

Feb. 20, 2024

Robert Vane


Indianapolis, IND — Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch won the Sixth District Gubernatorial Straw poll held this past Saturday in Knightstown with yet another impressive display of grassroots support.

With five of the Republican candidates for governor on hand, Crouch emerged as the District’s favorite with 40 percent of the vote.

“We are very grateful for the victory and vote of confidence given to us by the participants of Saturday’s straw poll,” said Crouch. “Our support at the local level is both energizing and unsurpassed.”

Since its launch in December 2022, the Crouch for Governor campaign has received public pledges of support from more than 100 grassroots leaders—including more than 20 past or present county sheriffs.

Lt. Gov. Crouch’s unparalleled support—both in the Sixth Congressional District and statewide—is a direct result of the heartfelt conservative positions she holds on the most important issues to Hoosiers and their families.

She is the only candidate in the race for governor who has committed to eliminating Indiana’s individual income tax.  As a result of Suzanne’s plan, the average Hoosier would save $2,000 in state taxes.

You can learn more about “Axe the Tax” here.

Crouch also pledged to keep China from buying up our farmland, prevent criminals from poisoning Hoosiers with illegal drugs like fentanyl, and treat drug dealers like the murderers they are.

She has pledged to protect our society’s most vulnerable Hoosiers—the unborn, people struggling from mental health issues, and those suffering with addiction.  “Indiana’s economy and our communities cannot prosper while so many are suffering,” said Crouch.

To learn more about how Suzanne is the only conservative Republican fighting China, proposing an elimination of Indiana’s individual income tax, and casting the key votes to protect our most vulnerable Hoosiers, please visit her web site at www.crouchforindiana.com.


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