“I fundamentally believe YOU know how to spend your money better than the government.”

Suzanne Crouch Outlines Savings on Tax Day to ‘Axe the Tax’

Streamlining Agencies, Better Service and Independent Audits

April 15, 2024

Robert Vane

Indianapolis, IND — On the day that Hoosiers and all Americans must file their state and federal taxes, Republican gubernatorial candidate Suzanne Crouch shared plans to find savings in state government to support the elimination of the Indiana state income tax.  Crouch released the ‘Axe the Tax’ proposal last Fall.  Today’s announcement on April 15, also known as Tax Day, focused on streamlining state agencies, better customer service for Hoosier taxpayers and independent audits of all major state agencies.

My focus as Governor will be to create a better quality of life as we put more money back in Hoosiers’ pocketbooks, provide safety in our communities, invest in education and our workforce, and streamline state government for the most efficient investment of our tax dollars,” said Crouch.

Lt. Governor Crouch shared plans to generate significant cost savings, provide better customer service, reduce the size of state government, eliminate unnecessary rules and regulations and prioritize transparency.  Currently, Indiana state government consists of approximately one hundred separate state agencies, boards and commissions.  Crouch pledged to reduce those agencies, boards and commissions to realize cost savings and efficiencies in state government.

As an example, Crouch shared her plans to streamline Indiana’s education and workforce bureaucracy into one efficient Hoosier friendly agency that will guide each Hoosier child from early learning to the job market.

Five existing agencies have a piece of education or workforce training.  Crouch will create The Indiana Department of Education & Workforce, consolidating those five existing agencies/programs to cultivate a comprehensive strategy for Indiana’s education and workforce initiatives.

“When we consolidate our education and workforce agencies into one, we will work in tandem to prepare every child for the next step in life whether it is enlistment, employment, enrollment or apprenticeship,” said Crouch“Then we will be able to put more money back into the classroom.”

Crouch also announced two proposals as examples to provide better customer service and a greater value to Hoosiers.  A “Permit Payback Program” will require state agencies to refund application fees if they fail to issue permits or licenses in a timely manner.  Modeled after such a program in Pennsylvania, state agencies will adopt strict timelines for issuing permits and licenses in a single office for businesses and individuals to apply.

This program will benefit everyone from local communities and developers to small businesses and individuals who are required to pay a fee for permits but often must then wait too long to start a job,” said Crouch.

Crouch also shared that government services should be easier to access with help from “Navigators” that will provide a more personal accessible entry point to help Hoosiers navigate the often-complex system of state government.  Currently, one must find a unique phone number for every agency in state government, with different area codes depending on geographic location (field offices versus Indianapolis based).

“My plan will not just streamline state government but will provide cost savings to Hoosier taxpayers and better service without cumbersome roadblocks,” said Crouch.

Crouch also pledged to direct each major state agency to conduct third party, independent audits of their finances and processes to find greater efficiencies and avoid forecasting errors, such as the recent $1 Billion miscalculation of the Medicaid budgeting forecast.  Crouch has already called for an independent audit of FSSA to bring transparency of the mistake that could create greater difficulties for parents of severely disabled children with critical medical needs.

By proper oversight to limit government growth, end wasteful spending, and find efficiencies, we can create a 21st century government for a 21st century economy.  We will provide real savings so we can axe the state income tax and give Hoosiers more of their hard-earned money back to them,” concluded Crouch.

You can learn more about “Axe the Tax” here.

To learn more about how Suzanne is the only conservative Republican fighting China, proposing an elimination of Indiana’s individual income tax, and casting the key votes to protect our most vulnerable Hoosiers, please visit her web site at www.crouchforindiana.com.


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