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Suzanne Crouch draws 300+ attendees for first ‘Women for Crouch’ event

Feb. 9, 2024

Robert Vane

(INDIANAPOLIS, IN)— Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch, a Republican candidate for Governor in Indiana, hosted a successful “Women for Crouch” event on Thursday evening at Meridian Hills Country Club.

More than 300 women representing diverse backgrounds attended the event supporting Crouch’s bid to become Indiana’s first female governor. The event showcased the unity and determination of Hoosier women ready for change. 


During the event, Elaine Bedel, Secretary and Chief Executive Officer of the Indiana Destination Development Organization, posed questions to Suzanne Crouch, providing attendees with valuable insights into Crouch’s vision for the state.

Additionally, Indianapolis-based philanthropist Marianne Glick delivered remarks in support of Suzanne, underscoring the significance of women supporting women in leadership roles.

Crouch addressed a myriad of crucial topics during the event, outlining her ambitious plan to eliminate Indiana’s individual income tax, aptly named “Axe The Tax,” with a strategic focus on driving economic growth and returning financial freedom to Hoosiers burdened by Bidenomics. Furthermore, she articulated her strategies to streamline government operations, emphasizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

In her remarks, Crouch underscored the importance of preserving Indiana’s agricultural sector, an essential pillar of the state’s economy and national security.


“We feed a lot of people, and that is extremely important, not just for the economy, but we want to be a state and a country that is not dependent on foreign countries for our food. It’s about food security, and it’s also about national security,” said Crouch, who serves as Indiana’s Secretary of Agriculture


Crouch described a recent instance where she led the fight to protect critical land near an Indiana military base.

“3,900 acres were going up for sale next to Crane Navel Warfare Center and near Glendora Lake, one of two deep lakes in the U.S. where they do underwater weapons testing, so being able to put together a deal to purchase that land and put it under DNR, we were able to protect that land and our secrets,” Crouch said. “Those foreign countries, they can buy our crops, but we don’t want them to buy our farmland.”



Crouch is also having a study done to identify all the lost farmland in the state, who it has been lost to, and if they are foreign adversaries.


Moreover, Crouch shared her deeply personal connection with mental illness and addiction,drawing from her family’s history, including how her daughter is 16 years sober and bipolar, and advocating for increased accessibility to vital resources for those grappling with similar challenges.

“My daughter has said many times that she is alive today because of us, but what about the parents who can’t do that and who don’t have the resources to help their kids who are struggling? As governor, making resources affordable and accessible will be a priority for me because mental illness and addiction are truly one of the biggest challenges that face us today,” Crouch said.

Crouch also addressed her ongoing fight with the Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA), demanding accountability and transparency in the wake of a $1 billion Medicaid overspend.

She called for a comprehensive audit of FSSA and urged the agency to halt cuts to critical programs, particularly the attendant care program for parents of medically complex children, to ensure uninterrupted care for vulnerable families.

“First of all, how do you make a $1 billion error? I️ recently met with parents who have children who will be adversely affected by these cuts. I’m talking about children who are severely disabled with complex medical needs. Children with tracheotomies, children with feed tubes, children on ventilators. These are kids who need 24/7 care,” Crouch said. “These parents want answers to their questions because they said if they’re not able to take care of their children and be paid, who is going to take care of them? The last time we checked, there’s a shortage of pediatric nurses and health care professionals all over the state of Indiana, so who is going to come in and take care of these kids?”

Suzanne Crouch’s gubernatorial campaign continues to gather momentum, with upcoming events and initiatives on the horizon, including her “Community Cares” tour aimed at empowering local leaders across the state.



To learn more about how Suzanne is the only conservative Republican fighting China, proposing an elimination of Indiana’s individual income tax, and casting the key votes to protect our most vulnerable Hoosiers, please visit her web site at www.crouchforindiana.com.


Spencer County Recorder Vicki Brauns Endorses Suzanne Crouch for Governor

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Spencer County Assessor Melissa Woolard Endorses Suzanne Crouch for Governor

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Shelbyville City Councilwoman Linda Sanders Endorses Suzanne Crouch for Governor

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