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Spencer County Treasurer Elaine Jones Endorses Suzanne Crouch for Governor

Sept. 26, 2023

Robert Vane

Indianapolis, IND — Spencer County Treasurer Elaine Jones has formally endorsed Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch in her bid for the Governor’s office.

Jones praised Crouch’s remarkable dedication, unwavering commitment, and profound love for Indiana. Jones firmly believes that Crouch’s multi-level leadership experience, combined with her heartfelt dedication to Hoosiers, uniquely positions her to excel as the future Governor.

“I’ve had the privilege of knowing this wonderful, hardworking, and passionate Hoosier for many years,” said Jones. “Her experience as a leader at multiple levels of government, combined with her passion for helping her fellow Hoosiers, will serve her well as our future Governor. I’m proud to say I fully endorse Suzanne Crouch for our next Governor of our great state—a state with the motto ‘The Crossroads of America.'”

Drawing a comparison between Suzanne Crouch’s dedication and Indiana’s network of highways, Jones emphasized Crouch’s unparalleled ability to connect with people. She commended Crouch for her active engagement with constituents, her extensive experience collaborating with individuals from across the nation and around the globe, and her visionary leadership that has driven Indiana’s growth.

“Like the highways connecting Hoosiers with one another and the rest of the world, Suzanne is always willing to connect with people. She never turns a deaf ear to her fellow Hoosiers’ concerns and helps in any capacity she can. Suzanne also has experience working with people in other states and internationally to help our state grow. Our state motto is fitting for a state that has and will continue to benefit from Suzanne’s leadership, her focus on connecting with and listening to her constituents’ concerns, and her ability to build bridges will grow our state,” said Jones.

Jones, who assumed the role of Spencer County Treasurer in 2020, brings nearly two decades of invaluable experience in public service. Her previous roles within Spencer County government, such as Deputy Surveyor and Assistant Administrator in the County Plan Commission Office, attest to her financial acumen and commitment to public welfare.

Jones’s endorsement underscores the growing support for Suzanne Crouch’s gubernatorial campaign, further strengthening her commitment to serving and uplifting the people of Indiana.

Learn more about Suzanne Crouch here: https://www.crouchforindiana.com/.


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