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Scott Rudd, Indiana’s 1st Director of Broadband Opportunities, Endorses Suzanne Crouch for Governor

Sept. 25, 2023

Robert Vane

Indianapolis, IND — Scott Rudd, who served as Indiana’s first Director of Broadband Opportunities from 2018 to 2021 and established the Indiana Broadband Office, has formally endorsed Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch in her bid for the Governor’s office.

During his tenure, Rudd held a pivotal position within Lt. Gov. Crouch’s Cabinet, collaborating closely on the development and implementation of Indiana’s first broadband strategy.

“I’ve witnessed firsthand Suzanne’s fierce advocacy for local rural issues like broadband, mental health, and housing. Each time, she made the right call in difficult situations, with Hoosiers at the top of her mind. This is why Suzanne has my full endorsement for Governor of Indiana,” said Rudd.

Working alongside Lt. Gov. Crouch, Rudd played a key role in the $350 million Next Level Connections broadband grant program, while also spearheading the state’s Broadband Ready Community designation program. Additionally, he facilitated broadband investment deals exceeding $500 million. Together, Rudd and Lt. Gov. Crouch’s partnership was instrumental in helping farmers, agricultural businesses and rural communities secure reliable and affordable high-speed Internet access.
In his current capacity as CEO of Rudd Consulting, a broadband consulting firm with a national reach, Rudd continues his mission to ensure connectivity for all Americans. Concurrently, he serves as a Brown County Councilman at large, furthering his commitment to the betterment of local communities.

Learn more about Suzanne Crouch here: https://www.crouchforindiana.com/.


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