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Pro-Life Leader Cathie Humbarger Endorses Suzanne Crouch for Governor

April 11, 2024

Robert Vane

Indianapolis, IND — Pro-Life Leader Cathie Humbarger has pledged her endorsement of Suzanne Crouch for Governor. This endorsement comes after Crouch recently received the endorsement of Indiana Right To Life.

In her endorsement, Humbarger said, “Why I am Endorsing Suzanne Crouch for Governor: I have had the privilege over the last few months to get to know our Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch, and I am endorsing her because she: 

  • Is eager to add to her knowledge about the issues important to me, including defending innocent unborn boys and girls and their mothers from abortion, protecting children from harmful ‘gender reassignment’ drugs and surgeries, protecting religious freedom, shielding kids from pornography in schools and libraries, guarding medical freedom, safeguarding parents’ rights and I could add more.
  • Is gracious. Suzanne is criticized for not pushing back on Governor Holcomb’s policies. Like many of us, she understands that it is not always appropriate to criticize your boss publicly. I have confirmed that Suzanne was actively opposing COVID policies behind the scenes, including several of the COVID mandates. She was also unable to get cooperation from the Indiana State Department of Health when pressing for answers about pro-life concerns, and there are more. She was excluded from many of the discussions by the Governor’s staff.
  • Is willing to cast bold votes because it is the right thing to do. She cast a critical pro-life vote in the Special Session regarding the abortion ban.
  • Had a 100% pro-life voting record when she served in the House, as scored by Indiana Right to Life.
  • Is endorsed by Indiana Right to Life.
  • Is endorsed by 168 elected officials and Indiana Representatives and Senators, many of whom I know and trust as strong conservatives, including Senator Liz Brown, Representative Denny Zent, Allen County Commissioner Nelson Peters, Representative JD Prescott, and my friend, former Lt. Governor Becky Skillman.
  • Understands the importance of listening to voters and advocacy organizations after election day. She has promised she will be approachable…something we have been missing in the current administration.
  • Will respect the decision of the delegates to choose the candidate for Lt. Governor.”

Humbarger has held various leadership positions in the pro-life movement, including roles with Allen County Right to Life, Right to Life Northeast Indiana, Indiana Right to Life, and Safe Haven Baby Boxes, and is credited for having helped expand Right to Life to multiple counties across northeast Indiana. Humbarger’s endorsement underscores Crouch’s strong support within the pro-life community.

Suzanne Crouch remains the only gubernatorial candidate endorsed by more than 160 past and present elected officials in Indiana.

In addition to this, Crouch has been endorsed by the Indiana Right To Life PAC and by Carpenters Local 1005. She also received an ‘A’ rating from the NRA.

A full list of those endorsements can be found here. For comprehensive information about Suzanne Crouch and her gubernatorial campaign, please visit https://www.crouchforindiana.com/.


Spencer County Recorder Vicki Brauns Endorses Suzanne Crouch for Governor

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