“I fundamentally believe YOU know how to spend your money better than the government.”

Meet Suzanne

Crouch for Governor

Suzanne Crouch is well-known by Hoosiers as a champion of conservative values and causes.

She will lead the fight to eliminate Indiana’s individual income tax. “Axe the Tax” is Suzanne’s plan to reduce the burden of Bidenflation, grow Indiana’s economy, and put more money back in Hoosiers’ pockets.

Suzanne is also the only gubernatorial candidate who has received the endorsement of more than 100 past and present elected officials in Indiana.

Having an incredible depth of experience and knowledge from local government to statewide leadership, Suzanne has served in numerous offices at the executive and legislative levels.

Recently, Suzanne was named a

'Woman of Influence'

by the Indianapolis Business Journal. In addition, she has been recognized by the National Coalition of Capital as a

'Champion of Small Business'

Suzanne has fought to make government more transparent. While State Auditor, Indiana was ranked #1 in the country for spending transparency. As county commissioner, she fought to ensure meeting minutes were made available to the public for the first time. 

Currently, she works for Hoosiers as our 52nd lieutenant governor. As Lieutenant Governor, Suzanne serves as the President of the Indiana Senate and is the executive in charge of several state agencies—including the Indiana State Department of Agriculture (ISDA), Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA), and Indiana Destination Development Corporation (IDDC).

Additionally, she chairs the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Task Force, the Indiana Roundtable on Mental Health, the Civic Education Task Force, and the Next Level Veterans Initiative.

Born and raised in southern Indiana, Suzanne was brought up in a hard-working family who placed importance on education, helping others, integrity, and kindness.

Suzanne graduated from Purdue University and has pursued a career path that emphasizes helping others and making a difference for Hoosiers.

Suzanne and husband, Larry, have an adult daughter Courtney. As a family, they like to travel the state discovering Indiana’s unique festivals, restaurants, and destinations. Suzanne also enjoys yoga, walking with their Norfolk Terrier, Luna Lovegood, and reading biographies of American Presidents.

Suzanne with her family

I’m Lt. Governor, Suzanne Crouch. I have a vision for Indiana’s future that I’d like to share with you. And it starts right here.

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