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IACP President, Princeton Police Chief Derek McGraw endorses Suzanne Crouch for Governor

Oct. 25, 2023

Robert Vane

Indianapolis, IND — Derek McGraw, the distinguished Princeton Police Chief and President of the Indiana Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), has thrown his full support behind Suzanne Crouch’s gubernatorial campaign.

Chief McGraw’s endorsement underscores Suzanne Crouch’s dedication to working hand in hand with law enforcement, always attentive to their needs and committed to empowering them with the necessary tools to best serve their communities.

“My reasons for endorsing Suzanne are based on her willingness to work with Law Enforcement and continue to listen to our needs and help craft a way to accomplish all the goals while keeping the public’s interests at heart. Having government leaders who are compassionate about assisting our Law Enforcement in providing effective ways to police our communities in not only the ‘Protect’ but also the ‘Serve’ capacities is vital in today’s world. I believe Suzanne embodies that and will do all she can as our Governor to make Law Enforcement and Community seamless,” said McGraw.

McGraw has led the Princeton Police Department in southern Indiana, situated between Evansville and Vincennes, since 2016. Additionally, he holds the prestigious position of President of the Indiana Association of Chiefs of Police, a vital networking organization representing over 400 law enforcement professionals statewide. The IACP serves as a collective voice and a driving force to address law enforcement concerns at legislative, regulatory, and judicial levels.

McGraw’s endorsement represents a significant milestone, making him the 14th law enforcement professional to lend their support to Suzanne Crouch’s campaign. Others who have backed her campaign include:

  1. Former Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding
  2. LaPorte County Sheriff Ron Heeg
  3. Jasper County Sheriff Pat Williamson
  4. Montgomery County Sheriff Ryan Needham
  5. Adams County Sheriff Dan Mawhorr
  6. Delaware County Sheriff Tony Skinner
  7. Spencer County Sheriff Sherri Heichelbech
  8. Warrick County Sheriff Michael Wilder
  9. Vigo County Sheriff John Plasse
  10. White County Sheriff Bill Brooks
  11. Posey County Sheriff Tom Latham
  12. Greene County Sheriff George Dallaire
  13. Former Greene County Sheriff Mike Hasler

For further insights into Suzanne Crouch’s campaign for Governor, please visit https://www.crouchforindiana.com/.


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