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Gubernatorial Candidate Suzanne Crouch Releases New Broadcast Campaign Ad: “We Fight for Them”

Crouch says she will never leave behind Indiana’s most vulnerable; renews call for audit of Family and Social Services Administration

April 12, 2024

Robert Vane

Indianapolis, IND —Republican gubernatorial candidate Suzanne Crouch today made clear her commitment to support Indiana’s most vulnerable and commission an outside audit of one of our state’s biggest agencies.

Crouch’s new campaign ad, “We Fight for Them” details her commitment to helping Hoosiers who are caregivers for their severely disabled children and who the bureaucracy wants to leave behind.

“FSSA made an inexcusable accounting error and wants Hoosier families to pay the price,” said Crouch. “This is unacceptable and will not happen in a Crouch Administration. We’re going to be judged by how we care for the most vulnerable among us. Let us be judged in a positive way.”

In December 2023 the state’s Medicaid office discovered a forecasting error resulting in an almost $1 billion shortfall; to close this gap FSSA proposed several budget cuts. As part of these cuts, FSSA announced in January 2024 that it would no longer pay parents or spouses for caring for elderly or disabled loved ones, including children with severe disabilities and complex medical conditions.

Crouch jumped to the defense of these families and said FSSA’s decision was “unconscionable.”

“We don’t turn our backs on our most vulnerable—we fight for them,” said Crouch.

This six-figure ad buy will run on broadcast TV statewide.

Suzanne is a dedicated champion of our most vulnerable Hoosiers. I️ know she will continue to be so as governor, and that’s why she has my unreserved endorsement,” said Cecilia Coble, Fishers City Council President

Since its launch in December 2022, the Crouch for Governor campaign has received public pledges of support from more than 160 grassroots leaders—including more than 20 past or present county sheriffs.

Additionally, Suzanne is the only candidate in the race for governor who has committed to eliminating Indiana’s individual income tax. As a result of her plan, the average Hoosier would save $2,000 annually in state taxes.

You can learn more about “Axe the Tax” here.

To learn more about how Suzanne is the only conservative Republican fighting China, proposing an elimination of Indiana’s individual income tax, and casting the key votes to protect our most vulnerable Hoosiers, please visit her web site at www.crouchforindiana.com.


Spencer County Recorder Vicki Brauns Endorses Suzanne Crouch for Governor

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Spencer County Assessor Melissa Woolard Endorses Suzanne Crouch for Governor

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Shelbyville City Councilwoman Linda Sanders Endorses Suzanne Crouch for Governor

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