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Dr. Peter Scaer Endorses Suzanne Crouch for Governor

April 22, 2024

Robert Vane

Indianapolis, IND — Dr. Peter Scaer has thrown his support behind Suzanne Crouch for Governor, citing her strong character and deep commitment to the people of Indiana.

“I’m Voting for Suzanne Crouch for Governor. The field is strong, and the candidates are worthy. But I think that Crouch is our best choice. What you notice first are the red glass frames, a strong woman comfortable in her own skin. Crouch is made for Indiana, a Hoosier through and through. Her heart is strong, as can be seen in her concern for those struggling with mental illness. She proudly marched for life with us in Fort Wayne. Fiscally, she’s bold, proposing to axe the state tax. Unlike her current boss, she doesn’t seem to be enamored with the Chamber of Commerce types who have so often run roughshod over the interests of the people. But what strikes me most about Crouch is her demeanor and her willingness to learn and to listen, even as she leads. No wonder Indiana legislators speak so well of her. She’s pleasantly lacking in ego while still pushing forward with a strong sense of what is good and right. Whatever you say about Suzanne, she’s not contrived, not an actor on the stage. She doesn’t pull rank, nor does she suck the air out of the room. Our Indiana legislature is Republican, and with Crouch, I think our state’s natural conservative tendencies will be encouraged. Her love for life is evident, from the womb to those who are struggling through life’s various stages. She seems to appreciate the deep truth that we are all created in the image of God. In many ways, it seems as if she’s especially ready and valuable for such a time as this,” said Scaer.

Scaer, a Notre Dame Ph.D. graduate, founder of Shepherds United, and professor at Concordia Seminary, brings a wealth of experience to his endorsement. As the former 16-year President of Right to Life of Northeast Indiana, Scaer understands the importance of supporting candidates who uphold pro-life values.

Suzanne Crouch remains the only gubernatorial candidate endorsed by more than 160 past and present elected officials in Indiana. In addition to this, Crouch has been endorsed by the Indiana Right To Life PAC and by Carpenters Local 1005. She also received an ‘A’ rating from the NRA

A full list of those endorsements can be found here. For comprehensive information about Suzanne Crouch and her gubernatorial campaign, please visit https://www.crouchforindiana.com/.


Spencer County Recorder Vicki Brauns Endorses Suzanne Crouch for Governor

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Spencer County Assessor Melissa Woolard Endorses Suzanne Crouch for Governor

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Shelbyville City Councilwoman Linda Sanders Endorses Suzanne Crouch for Governor

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