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Delaware County Commissioner Sherry Riggin Endorses Suzanne Crouch for Governor

Oct. 20, 2023

Robert Vane

Indianapolis, IND — Delaware County Commissioner Sherry Riggin has pledged her endorsement of Suzanne Crouch for Governor.

“I am proud to endorse Suzanne Crouch for Governor of Indiana. As a County Commissioner, I know the importance of having leadership in government that understands the intricacies and skills necessary to be successful. Suzanne is personable, down-to-earth, approachable, and always willing to listen. I appreciate her candor and honesty in sharing her own family’s struggles with mental health issues and know that she understands the struggles that affect many Hoosiers. She also knows that helping keep Hoosiers healthy is paramount to keeping them happy and engaged in life and work,” said Riggin.

Riggin has faithfully served Delaware County as a commissioner since 2013 and has a rich history of community involvement, having served on various boards, including the United Way, Boys and Girls Club, and the Visiting Nurses Association. Additionally, she contributed her leadership and expertise to the Center Township Board for 12 years, and in 1993, she received one of the first VIVA awards for community involvement.

For more information about Suzanne Crouch and her campaign for Governor, please visit  https://www.crouchforindiana.com/.


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